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Project Management Within HubSpot  

By leveraging features available through HubSpot's CRM, Pearagon's Development team was able to build a robust project management system that allows you to track and report on projects.

100% Built In HubSpot

Three Levels of Custom Objects

Built right within your HubSpot system

Getting Started

Implementing the Project Management Tool in HubSpot

Step 1: Schedule Time to meet with Pearagon

Step 2: Discovery call for pricing and implementing the Project Management Tool

Step 3: We build the system in your HubSpot Account

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PM Reports
Keep Track of Scope, Outcomes, Risks, and Documentations.

Included Features

Auto Create Projects

Automate Project Tasks

Assign to Team Members

Track Hours

Report on Utilization

Calculate Time

Easy Clock In / Out - Clock in and out easily to track hours worked on projects - right within HubSpot.

CMS Project Management Portal - Track your projects even closer with a project management portal.

Pricing and Requirements



  • Enterprise tier for at least one of the HubSpot Hubs

  • More features available for Pearagon's Project Management Tool with Operations Hub

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Additional Add-On's

Pricing Varies

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Special Pricing for HubSpot Partners

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